Where Are Rats Commonly Found?

When you think about it, rats are found just about everywhere. They survive in almost any kind of ecosystem or climate, whether it is Arctic temperatures, tropics, even desert. These animals know how to survive.

Adding to their success is the fact that they have made a living off the innovation of human beings. The food and trash that people eat or leave behind have become the perfect food for rats. Plus, they will eat insects, even other small animals. As a true omnivore, they will eat just about anything, which is also helped in their success.

So, Where Are They Most Common

When most people think of animals, they routinely picture them and a specific type of ecosystem. A polar bear, for example, lives in very cold temperatures near the Arctic Circle. Deer live in forests. Alligators and crocodiles live near rivers and lakes.

But what about the rat? Where are rats commonly found? Honestly, the answer to this question is everywhere.

While certain species of rats are most commonly found in specific locations across the globe, you can be sure that you will find rats anywhere you may live. Again, wherever you would find people, you are going to find rats.

This is true for the type of setting as well. For example, there are large numbers of rats in major metropolitan cities. Whether you went to New York, Chicago, London, Paris, or Beijing, you are going to find huge rat colony populations that live there.

The same is true if you went to the suburbs. You could visit any suburban area surrounding a major metropolitan area and you are going to find large numbers of rats there too. You will not find the same colony sizes that you would find in the large cities, but they are still going to thrive in these regions.

Rural areas are no exception either. Rats enjoy the fact that they can find food and shelter in barns, fields, along rivers, or in the mountains. Food is still readily available in these areas, although it just is different than if they lived in a large city. There are still plenty of bugs and small animals for them to eat, as well as seeds, fruits, and other vegetation.

They Are Everywhere

What is important to understand is that rats can thrive anywhere. If there is food and shelter available, they will live. If there are human beings that are located there, you can be sure they are going to thrive. They have done so for thousands of years, and will continue to do so.

It also tells you that there is no getting away from these animals. If you are moving out of the city to the country hoping for a reprieve from these critters, guess again. Rats are literally everywhere. They traveled across on ships from China into Europe, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see these animals on the international space station. They are truly remarkable and how they have thrived and survived.

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